Elite anonimity. Private proxies. Wholesale prices. 320mbit connection. Worldwide datacenters.

$0.29 per proxy - cheaper than any competitor. One caveat. You can only access these 5 websites:

There is no catch!

...and here's why: we own a PBN. Those servers have unique IPs and very little traffic, perfect for private proxies. Expenses are already covered. Mix that with a very, very personal bone to pick with the 5 domains we whitelisted means you get premium proxies at wholesale prices. Enjoy!

Here's how it works

Our Three Key Proxy Features

Premium Support

Fast, friendly and knowledgeable.
No second or third support tiers here.


Our proxies are heavily optimized for speed and located worldwide. Low latency, high sustained speeds!


We provide at least 99,9% uptime, and great support and very fast proxies. That's as reliable as a proxy gets!

...because let's be honest, elite anonimity should be a given.





Per Month, ex. VAT
  • 50 Private Proxies
  • $0,58 per proxy
  • Unlimited Bandwidth*
  • - only




Per Month, ex. VAT
  • 250 Private Proxies
  • $0,32 per proxy
  • Unlimited Bandwidth*
  • - only




Per Month, ex. VAT
  • 1.000 Private Proxies
  • $0,29 per proxy
  • Unlimited Bandwidth*
  • - only
* based on fair use


Is this real?

Yes, very :) Want us to pinch you? Since we've already covered expenses it's just an extra stream of revenue for us. We use these proxies ourself to scrape tens of thousands of keywords on a daily basis.

Is the bandwidth truly unlimited?

Well yes and no. It is unlimited, but based on fair use. If you want to download Youtube movies non-stop and use a lot more bandwidth than the average user per proxy we may contact you and charge extra.

How often do you refresh the proxies?

Never, by default. Treat your proxies like you would your own connection. Just because they're good, doesn't mean anti-scraping detection is allerted. So use proper delays. That being said, we will happily refresh your proxies once a month on request!

Can I get a trial?

Not any more, we had to stop giving away free trials due to heavy proxy abuse.

Why just the 5 sites?

We have some history with the people behind them. As you can probably deduct, there are only 3 companies behind them ;-) That doesn't mean we condone spam or abuse, but it does mean we will happily help you in outsmarting their scraping defenses while generating some extra revenue with existing hardware for ourselves.

In short: it's a business decision: we want to provide you with the best, untainted, fresh proxies that work fast and flawless at an amazing price with the 5 selected websites (and their subdomains).

Can you add site X?

No. You're free to request, but expect a no for an answer. This isn't a 'regular' proxy service and our prices reflect that. We don't even try to compete with everyone else out there. But if you happen to scrape Google, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn - our product is the best offer you can find. Period.

Where are your proxies located?

Currently, we've opened up our datacenters on the US East and West Coast, in Western Europe and the one in South-Asia. There should always be a low-latency server near you!

Do you support anti-captcha services?

Yes we do! Currently we've whitelisted which is, in our experience, by far the best. Next to them you can use anti-gate, deathbycaptcha and decaptcher. Need us to add others? Just send an email!

How can I best use these proxies?

Glad you ask! The best use of private proxies is to rotate through them in order. That way your footprint will be almost nothing. And with our prices, it's cheaper to buy more proxies than to spend it on captchas.

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